Saturday, August 31, 2013

Its Getting Hot in Here

 These last few days have led me to believe I am either walking on the sun or we are living in an oven.
It has been really really hot!  I am talking like 100 to 105 degrees and it never cools down.
We have had to run the air in out bedroom all night for the last 3 days and I am really scared to see the electric bill.  If there is a breeze its the same feeling as when you are cooking with the oven and you open that door and feel the hot air hit your face.  But besides the heat the sky has been really clear and blue in the mornings.  This is my drive to work!
 This has been a week of a lot of emotion.  My good friend at work was let go!  It was kind of a shock to everyone and no one agrees with the reasons including some of the upper management it seems, but I guess it just comes down to stupid policies.  I will miss her soo much!  I know we will stay really good friends but it will be sad that I won't get to chat with her everyday and laugh and have her help at work.  I know work just won't be the same without her there and that is a real downer!
I try not to think too much about it cause I hate crying!

In better news we got out scentsy in today so I will be delivering it to everyone who came to my party.
Everything smells soo good I can't wait to plug it in!  
Here is a picture of me and my friend on the last day. I had to cut off our bodies because it was not good. I know I am pregnant but it still was not good lol.  Take a good look at my hair cause I am getting it cut today and I can't wait.  Its been really really bad! Between the grow out of the color and this cut that seems to not be growing out very well I am over it!  I am going a little shorter and hopefully more stylish.


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