Monday, September 2, 2013

3 Day Weekend

I know summer is almost over and fall is coming, but you would never know by the weather.  So far we have had a pretty cool summer until last week!  This whole 3 day weekend we have had our air running as long as we are home.
Saturday I went up to my mom's house and I got a hair cut.  I decided to go short!  I like to have a change once in a while and now I am forced to style my hair and not just wear it like I huge mess.
On Sunday we went to my cousin Lacey's house and their whole neighborhood got together to rent a huge blow up slip and slide.  All the kids and adults had a blast.
On Monday we went to my cousin Amanda's house and BBQ'd some hot dogs and hung out for a little while.  All in all it was a fun weekend, but it flew by and did' t feel like 3 days!

 16 weeks Pregnant and new hair cut.
 New Hair cut
 Slip and slide
Tomorrow I start the September challenge, hope I can stick with it.


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