Sunday, September 8, 2013

Pool Time

 When its 100 degrees out its nice to have a pool! Saturday we spent at least a few hours in the pool, its soo hot out and the pool is a very nice relief.  The rest of the day was spent in the air conditioning relaxing and working on some art drawings.  Today is Sunday and we so far have gone grocery shopping to stock up for the week and I have finished my second to last NHRA Drawing, I can't wait till I have them all done.  Tonight we still have to drop my car off at a shop and get a rental car because my car has not been running right.  After we do that its time to watch breaking bad our favorite show!

I love looking back at my blog and seeing what I did a year ago or several years ago on the same day!
Its very weird to see how much life changes in just a few years.

Last year 2012 Sept 8th this is what we did

Last year 2011 Sept 8th this is what we did

 Last year 2010 Sept 8th this is what we did

 Last year 2009 Sept 8th this is what we did

 Last year 2008 Sept 8th this is what we did


beeswax said...

Loved looking back at your old blogs. Some are really funny. All I have to say is I'm so happy that you live in California. That was so hard for me I don't know how I managed.
Love you, MOM

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