Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Life Lately

 The cake I made myself for my birthday.  I saw this cool thing on Pinterest where you put down a cut out and sprinkle over it then you pull it off.  Turned out to be a fail, when you pull it off it pulls off the frosting and the sprinkles didn't get close enough to read it so I had to outline the numbers.
 My parents got me this cool wall plant that our friend made in her pottery class.
 This is the make up and bowl I got from Grant for my birthday.
 24 weeks and 5 days along!
 My Fall decorations.
 Anyone who comes trick or treating at our house better like paydays, m&ms and skittles.
 I have been knitting and I finally finished the hat for the baby. Now all I have to do is sew it together, it went faster than I thought it would.
That is what is happening around here...

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My Birthday!

I am officially 30 years old!
I don't feel any different, well besides being pregnant lol.
Sunday morning we got up and my mom made breakfast, my grandpa came over because him and my dad were going to the shooting range.  I opened my gifts, Grant got me a really pretty hand made bowl from the art show last week and my mom got me some make up that I have been wanting.
 Later in the day my cousin and her family came over and some of our friends stopped by to have dinner and cake.
 It was a really fun party, nothing crazy just hanging out.
 The funny thing was when I went to blow out the candles and we accidentally bought those trick ones that keep relighting. After trying 3 times and filling the house with smoke Grant finally had to snuff every candle out with his fingers.
 Hazel looked confused hahhaa
It was a really fun weekend, and when I got home Grant had a second birthday surprise for me, he poured us some concrete stairs going into our garage.  Before there weren't any stairs just some bricks the previous owners had stacked there.  It looks great! As soon as its all cleaned up I will post some photos.
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Friday, October 25, 2013

Painting a Day!

So when I was driving home from work yesterday I was thinking about art and my blog and how to keep myself motivated to post on here and also to get going on more art.
That is when I thought up a painting a day!
I have decided for the month of November I am going to try to do one painting everyday.
I am not going to include weekends because a lot of the time I am not home on the weekends, but if I get really excited and motivated who knows maybe I will be able to do them on the weekends too.
The idea is I will do the painting and take some pictures of it and not only post about it on here but I will also put the painting up for sale on my Etsy.  These paintings will probably be small around 8x10, but this will be a cool way to get motivated and hopefully sell some art.
I will sell the originals so if anyone is interested you will be able to find the paintings here on my Etsy.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Art Garden Party

 On Saturday we had an art in the garden party.  Our friend Suzanne and my mom came up with the idea to get a few artists together and display our work and party at the same time.  There was a band named Mid Life Crisis and everyone was able to show off their art work.

 The cool thing about the party is everyone could come and go as they pleased, it was open from noon till 5pm so people could just stop by and see everything or stay around and hang out.
My mom and I hung our art together and we shared tables to show everything.  I would say it was a success!  Everyone had a great time and we sold stuff!
 Grant helped us set up!

 Mom helping set up the bar.

 All our friends stopped by to check it out and show support!

The party came and went in a flash and now its almost time to go back to work.  The weekends are too short lately.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Baby Room Progress

 Here is the progress so far on the baby room.

Below is the before, when we had the room as a guest room.  The curtains have already been changed, those will be the baby room curtains, going with our nautical\Beach\Surf theme.

 Here the room is after everything has been removed.
We have built the crib now but this was during the process.

So far the closet is done, the crib is done and we have the general set up of how the room will be.  Now we just need all the final touches, the rug (maybe), a chair, bedding, decorations and the baby.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Weekend

 Saturday morning I drove up to my mom's house so we could get ready for our art show.  Next weekend we are having an art in the garden show at a friends house.  Its more of a party, but we will be selling our art so we had to get it all ready.

 Turned out we had more art than we thought.
 Sunday, today we have just spent doing things around the house, cleaning, and painting.
We had some bananas that were going bad so I made banana bread and I started knitting a hat for the baby.
 When I was gone on Saturday Grant made a frame for his painting and it looks awesome.

 My mom saw how sad our Tupperware collection was so she got us this really nice set that all clicks together.  Its an early Christmas present, she said there is just no room in her house for it lol.
 Our pretty fall flowers, I love!
 The major project that was accomplished was Grant put up our hand rail on the stair way.
There was always one on the upper stairs but he stained them both dark and put up the lower one!
 Before the hand Rail
After the hand rail.  Now we don't have to worry about falling down the stairs!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

Its getting hard to do outfit posts because I only have a few things that fit and I have to wear them over and over again.  Also nothing is really that cute either, but at least its strechy and comfy!

The best part of these pictures is the huge bag of toilet paper behind me proving not only has it not been put but its been there a while.  I don't know why but since being pregnant I just don't have the drive or the energy to spend on cleaning the house.  Every once in a while I will get a surge of energy and clean a bunch of stuff but I always run out of it before I can get everything done.
On the weekend we switched the guest room into the office room to get started on the baby room and while we got a lot done there is still a lot more that needs to be finished.  I know this will be an on going project for the next few months so instead of stressing that the house is not clean I am trying to accept the fact that this is all going to take time before everything is in order.
Luckily we are finally getting some cool weather!  After months of 100 degrees it is cooling down and there is a possibility of rain!  Since moving back from NZ I think I have seen it rain about 3 times, its no wonder CA is soo dirty.  Anyways yay for hump day!

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Monday, October 7, 2013

Out in Fullerton

 We went out on Saturday night to down town Fullerton.  Not only have we not been out in a long time but I have not been to Fullerton in a really long time.  Boy has it changed, or lets say the clientele has changed.  I use to go out there when I was in college and it was mainly college kids where now its a lot older people and ghetto people as well.  Skanky was the look that was going on mostly lol!  I have a hard time believing people actually stand in lines to get into some of these bars, they are playing the same music from 10 years ago and there is nothing special about any of them.

Anyways it was still fun and a nice change from what we normally do.  Grant's friend Greg was in town so we thought we would show him around some bars just so he could see what its like here.  I only got a few pictures when we were walking from place to place.

 Me and Lacey, 21 weeks!
 My mom, also we were in front of some Halloween Display.
 Twerking?  So funny Brandon decided to do a little twerk lol

 Planking anyone?  I wouldn't really call this planking cause he is on 2 boxes lol.
Grant and Greg, this is the only picture I have of the 2 of them.

Sad thing is I am not use to staying up late and I really had a hard time doing everything on Sunday!  Just shows you I am getting OLD...
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