Sunday, October 20, 2013

Art Garden Party

 On Saturday we had an art in the garden party.  Our friend Suzanne and my mom came up with the idea to get a few artists together and display our work and party at the same time.  There was a band named Mid Life Crisis and everyone was able to show off their art work.

 The cool thing about the party is everyone could come and go as they pleased, it was open from noon till 5pm so people could just stop by and see everything or stay around and hang out.
My mom and I hung our art together and we shared tables to show everything.  I would say it was a success!  Everyone had a great time and we sold stuff!
 Grant helped us set up!

 Mom helping set up the bar.

 All our friends stopped by to check it out and show support!

The party came and went in a flash and now its almost time to go back to work.  The weekends are too short lately.


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