Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My Birthday!

I am officially 30 years old!
I don't feel any different, well besides being pregnant lol.
Sunday morning we got up and my mom made breakfast, my grandpa came over because him and my dad were going to the shooting range.  I opened my gifts, Grant got me a really pretty hand made bowl from the art show last week and my mom got me some make up that I have been wanting.
 Later in the day my cousin and her family came over and some of our friends stopped by to have dinner and cake.
 It was a really fun party, nothing crazy just hanging out.
 The funny thing was when I went to blow out the candles and we accidentally bought those trick ones that keep relighting. After trying 3 times and filling the house with smoke Grant finally had to snuff every candle out with his fingers.
 Hazel looked confused hahhaa
It was a really fun weekend, and when I got home Grant had a second birthday surprise for me, he poured us some concrete stairs going into our garage.  Before there weren't any stairs just some bricks the previous owners had stacked there.  It looks great! As soon as its all cleaned up I will post some photos.
Past birthdays 2012, 2011, 2010. 2009. 2008


beeswax said...

The makeup was from your mom and DAD, but he didn't pick it out. Ha Ha.

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