Monday, October 7, 2013

Out in Fullerton

 We went out on Saturday night to down town Fullerton.  Not only have we not been out in a long time but I have not been to Fullerton in a really long time.  Boy has it changed, or lets say the clientele has changed.  I use to go out there when I was in college and it was mainly college kids where now its a lot older people and ghetto people as well.  Skanky was the look that was going on mostly lol!  I have a hard time believing people actually stand in lines to get into some of these bars, they are playing the same music from 10 years ago and there is nothing special about any of them.

Anyways it was still fun and a nice change from what we normally do.  Grant's friend Greg was in town so we thought we would show him around some bars just so he could see what its like here.  I only got a few pictures when we were walking from place to place.

 Me and Lacey, 21 weeks!
 My mom, also we were in front of some Halloween Display.
 Twerking?  So funny Brandon decided to do a little twerk lol

 Planking anyone?  I wouldn't really call this planking cause he is on 2 boxes lol.
Grant and Greg, this is the only picture I have of the 2 of them.

Sad thing is I am not use to staying up late and I really had a hard time doing everything on Sunday!  Just shows you I am getting OLD...


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