Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Weekend

 Saturday morning I drove up to my mom's house so we could get ready for our art show.  Next weekend we are having an art in the garden show at a friends house.  Its more of a party, but we will be selling our art so we had to get it all ready.

 Turned out we had more art than we thought.
 Sunday, today we have just spent doing things around the house, cleaning, and painting.
We had some bananas that were going bad so I made banana bread and I started knitting a hat for the baby.
 When I was gone on Saturday Grant made a frame for his painting and it looks awesome.

 My mom saw how sad our Tupperware collection was so she got us this really nice set that all clicks together.  Its an early Christmas present, she said there is just no room in her house for it lol.
 Our pretty fall flowers, I love!
 The major project that was accomplished was Grant put up our hand rail on the stair way.
There was always one on the upper stairs but he stained them both dark and put up the lower one!
 Before the hand Rail
After the hand rail.  Now we don't have to worry about falling down the stairs!


beeswax said...

Wow, looks like a very productive weekend. Grant's frame looks awesome, really makes his painting pop. He is so talented, and so are you Shannon. If anyone is interested in coming to our art party in Claremont, contact Shannon or me.
Love, MOM

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blog. Please keep it up. Great to see you on Saturday.

Love ya'...


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