Wednesday, October 2, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

 Monday I finally spent about an hour going through my closet and taking out all the clothes that no longer fit and folding them up and putting them in a basket to make room for the only clothes that do fit.  I also cleared out one drawer for maternity shirts and crammed all my small clothes into a different drawer that probably won't be opened for the next 4 months.

While going through all my clothes I found it easier to get rid of things, I would look at it and think when I lose all this weight am I really going to want to wear this?  So I was able to get rid of a bag of clothes while I was at it!  After I have the baby I plan to go through everything again and give away anything that I have not worn in a year or anything that looks really worn out and old.  Its just not worth having soo much room wasted when I know I will never or rather should never wear some of the stuff I own.

It is very weird to look at myself in pictures and think is that really me lol!
My face has filled out since gaining the baby weight and I see myself in pictures or even in the mirror and think geez is that really me hahhaha.  I guess I will get use to it, but its a weird feeling to not look like what you are imagining you look like.

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Keshet said...

You look so cute! I always clean out my closet of non-maternity, it's so much easier (and less cluttered) to only see what works!

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