Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

Its getting hard to do outfit posts because I only have a few things that fit and I have to wear them over and over again.  Also nothing is really that cute either, but at least its strechy and comfy!

The best part of these pictures is the huge bag of toilet paper behind me proving not only has it not been put but its been there a while.  I don't know why but since being pregnant I just don't have the drive or the energy to spend on cleaning the house.  Every once in a while I will get a surge of energy and clean a bunch of stuff but I always run out of it before I can get everything done.
On the weekend we switched the guest room into the office room to get started on the baby room and while we got a lot done there is still a lot more that needs to be finished.  I know this will be an on going project for the next few months so instead of stressing that the house is not clean I am trying to accept the fact that this is all going to take time before everything is in order.
Luckily we are finally getting some cool weather!  After months of 100 degrees it is cooling down and there is a possibility of rain!  Since moving back from NZ I think I have seen it rain about 3 times, its no wonder CA is soo dirty.  Anyways yay for hump day!

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