Friday, November 8, 2013

Getting Ready

Tonight we will be getting ready for the baby shower!
I am 26 weeks along and only have 14 weeks left to go.  Time is going a lot faster now, those first 3 months seemed to take forever.
Baby Update:
The baby is kicking and moving a lot.
I don't feel sick anymore.
I do have a lot more back aches and pains.
It is easier to sleep, but I still wake up in pain, be it my neck or back always something.
I have not had any cravings.
I feel thirsty all the time.
I am not as hungry as I was in the beginning.
Luckily my weight gain has slowed I have been the same for a few weeks now.
People now notice I am pregnant and not just fat.
My calves cramp very easily at night, I have to make sure I don't point my toes.
I am very excited to get the house in order so we are ready when it gets closer.
After the shower my next goal is to start looking for a daycare that is close to us.
Its all happening fast now!


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