Sunday, November 10, 2013

My Baby Shower

 Friday night I went and picked up Lacey and we headed up to my mom's house so we could set up for the baby shower.  It took us a few hours to do all the final touches and have it all ready for the morning, my mom had been preparing the week before.  So by the time it was all over we were exhausted.  Saturday everyone arrived at noon and the fun began.  We only had 4 "games" if you can call it that; do a scrap book page, pick a letter and do a drawing for a future book for the baby, guess how many bibs I get, and guess my waste size with a piece of string.

 We made this diaper cake and its easier than you think!

 Luckily it was a really warm day so we were able to have lunch outside.
 Lunch was ravioli, bread, and 2 salads. It was all super yummy!

 26 Weeks

 My friend Andrea from Texas flew out for the shower and it was soo good to see her, it always feels like we have just seen each other, like no time has passed at all!

 I got a lot of gifts, from the shower alone I got just about everything I need to get started!
Thank you to everyone!

 When I got home I was so excited to go through everything and organize everything I got started right away.  I have spent all today organizing even more, and buying the last few things I need like a stroller and car seat.  Now we will just do the final decorating of the room when it gets closer.


beeswax said...

Such a fun day, and ended with a piano concert by Hazel.

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