Friday, November 22, 2013


It has not rained here in what seems like a year, and now its finally raining!
On and off for about 3 days now, I love it!
I guess I got use to the rain and weather in NZ and its kinda nice to experience weather.

We (so-cal) need rain more than anywhere else, if for no other reason, but to wash everything off!
Last night we went to a baby class, it was about breast feeding.  I made Grant go with me because we both need to know all this stuff.  There were other fathers in the class too so its not like he was the only one.  Before we got to the class he said I am going to count how many (boobs) I see, I told him you are not going to see any.  Then the first picture they bring up on the screen is a boob and he says one! I thought I would die laughing!
At least now we are both well informed!


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