Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Thursday we drove to my family's house for Thanksgiving.  We had a light early Thanksgiving lunch so we could eat with my dad before he went to the races then we took off to a Friends house for the real dinner.  The highlight of all the food for me was Carol's banana cream pie, apparently its super easy to make, so I will be trying that out soon.

 I feel like we look really old in these photos lol!
I am 29 weeks pregnant 7 months.  It is really weird to think that in 11 weeks our lives are going to completely change we will never be just 2 people again lol.

 Friday Grant went surfing early in the morning (I guess it was the best day ever to surf because of the waves) and I spent the day with my mom decorating her house and going through all the Christmas decorations.  Now that we are finally in our own house and plan to be here for a while I am going to start getting a few decorations that are nice.  I want a wreath and some stockings that all go together and are nice.
Currently I am working on some art for the babies room and I am hoping that I can hang most of it today, as long as its dry in time.


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