Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Crawl 2013

 Friday night we drove to my parent's house and we went to the annual Christmas Crawl at our neighbor Rondi's house.  There was a ton of delicious food and drinks.

 Every year they decorate the wall in their house with a Christmas theme for all the guests to take pictures in front of.  This year was the best ever, it was 3D!

 Here we are! I am 32 Weeks pregnant and only 8 more to go.  Everyone that has been pregnant at the same time as me have all had their babies.  One girl had her baby 3 weeks early and the other girl just had her baby 25 days early.  This has just proven to me that it really can be any time from now on, which is a little scary I must say!
 My mom and Grant.

 My mom was Kissing the "lamb" is what she said lol!
We all had a really great time and as always the party went by so fast that I didn't even get to talk to everyone.


beeswax said...

Fun people, festive party, tasty food, too much "Fireball". I still have a headache. Good blog Shannon, Love MOM

Barbara said...

That photo back drop is great! How fun.

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