Saturday, December 7, 2013

Pregnancy Update

I am now 30 weeks along today!  I have found just in the last week I am starting to get tired again for no reason.  Over all I feel fine, my back is hurting a lot more than before and I find it really hard to lift or even drag anything around.  On my days off work I have not been very motivated, so far today I have finished a painting Grant and I were working on together, took a nap, and organized the baby room a little more.

I am hoping that if I can organize the baby room a little each weekend we will be totally ready or at least organized when the baby arrives.  Today I packed the bag to take to the hospital with me.

The baby is constantly moving! Kicking and rolling around and punching, its a weird feeling sometimes it will catch me off guard and it feels like I am on a roller coaster.
I really had forgot how close we truly are until yesterday when the doctor's office called me to schedule all of my last appointments.  At that moment it really sunk in, wow its not going to be long!

 Last weekend my mom and I got some material to make a baby blanket.  So after dinner I might get started on that.  I keep putting it off because I know its going to be a big project lol.


Lacey D said...

cute fabrics! I can't believe you hit the 30 week mark already. I cannot wait to see that baby come out hahah.

Barbara said...

You are way ahead of things. My hospital bag was nowhere near ready at 30 weeks!

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