Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Year 2013 in Review

This has been a great year!  A lot changed for us this year; we bought our own place and moved in, we went on vacations, and we are expecting our first little baby!  This will be the last year of being just a family of 2.  Its a little scary, but I know once the baby is born it will be hard to even remember what our lives were like before we had him.

January We still lived in Orange and we still had our bikes!
 February I went on a work trip to Chicago.

 March We moved into our first home!

 April Hazel turned one, and we partied!

 May We went to the Angel game and I was in my friend Kelly's wedding, and we started decorating our place.

 June I found out I was pregnant, we celebrated Father's Day, we had a girls weekend, and we went to the Ellen show.

July We went to Maui, we replaced our windows, and we had some parties.

August Hung out at the pool, Had a our first large gathering.

 September Started to show!
 October Celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary, and turned 30!

 November  Had my baby shower, and Thanksgiving dinner.

 December Went to the Christmas Crawl, and celebrated at my parents house on Christmas morning.

This was such a fun year and it feels like it went really fast!

In the new year I am looking forward to; Having our baby, settling into that new routine, my cousin Kristen's wedding, and hopefully more traveling and parties!


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