Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Year In Review 2014

It is always fun to look over the year and see what was accomplished and all the fun that was had.  The biggest event that happened this year was Emmett was born!  Now probably every single year the biggest events in my life will also be the biggest events in Emmett's life.  I would have to say having a child is the largest life altering event that can ever happen.  Weirdly its hard to even imagine how I use to even spend my time lol?  What did I do? hahahha

 Got Everything ready for the baby!
Emmett Arrived!
 Emmett Screamed!

Adjusted to having a baby

 Grant b-day and Easter
 Grant's mom Jo visiting
Kristen's wedding

 Summer Activities 

Parties and Painting

 The beach, painting, baby showers, Visitors and more.

Beach trips and more

 Halloween parties and pumpkins

Thanksgiving, crawling and walking

Its been an excellent year filled with fun and joy! Can't wait for next year and all the life time experiences that will come with it.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Stackable Bracelets

Check out my these awesome stackable bracelets on instagram!
My cousin is making these bracelets in her spare time and just decided to start selling them.

All bracelets are handmade. To order or if you have questions, send all inquiries to


For Christmas I got Grant a cook book on how to make pies.  In NZ they eat savory meat pies and in America that is not popular at all.  He has been able to find one place that sells pies, its an Australian bakery, but its not that close to us and he said its kinda expensive.  Sooo he has made one attempt at making pies so far and he said they are good, but a little dry.  Of course he didn't follow any directions from the book accept for the crust so we will be trying again soon.

I will let you know how the next attempt goes.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Rocking Chair

Months ago I bought a rocking chair for Emmett at a swap meet that I was planning on re doing.  Then at least a month ago I bought the material to cover the chair, and then as most projects go I did nothing.  I had too many art projects going on so the chair went to the end of the list.  About a week before Christmas I finished all of my art I had to do so I pulled out my sewing machine.


 I really like the way it turned out, I did away with the ruffle but I left the wood alone.  I didn't want to invest too much time and money in a $15.00 rocker from the 70's or older haha.

Christmas Day 2014

We woke up early, because when you have a baby you wake up early whether you want to or not lol.
Because Emmett has only about an hour or two before he gets tired again we decided to do the gifts first and then breakfast while Emmett napped and then stockings when he woke up again.

In our neighborhood the fire department comes around with Santa on the fire truck and luckily Emmett was awake for that and luckily we heard the truck in time.  Usually we hear it way in advance but this year we heard it right as it arrived so we ran out just in time.

 I told Grant to open his eyes and I get crazy eyes lol
 Morning faces and x-mas jamies

 The big gift was the bat mobile that my mom and dad got Emmett.

 The big gift for my mom was the one my dad got her, he commissioned me to do a drawing of her and Emmett.  She loved it as you can see by the tears.
We all got great gifts from each other, it was an awesome fun day.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas Eve 2014

We had such a fun Christmas. We went to my parents for Christmas Eve and Day.  We had a steak dinner and we got to open one gift on Christmas Eve which is our family tradition.  The gift is always pajamas, and those are the special Christmas pajamas that you wear that night.

 Emmett's first Christmas

Then the silliness began.

The beautiful tree.
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