Monday, January 6, 2014

Car Seat

 All day today I was planning on going shopping after work for some food for the house.  We are literally out of everything.  The only thing is I now have this way of talking myself out of shopping, I started to think about how tired I was and how many people are in the store at that time and how I would have to haul it all by myself to the car and out of the car.  So anyways I thought I will go home and after relaxing a little Grant and I can go together so he can lift it all.  Turned out he had to work later than normal soooo I fell asleep on the couch and woke up just in time to call him and have him get some Del Taco for dinner ( real healthy) lol.

After that nap and dinner I decided today was the day to get out the car seat and stroller combo.  Let me just say it is easy to install the car seat, what isn't easy is understanding the directions.  They really need to re write them in a way that is more simple.  After about 3 tries we got it only to realize that it wasn't at the right level!  Anyways I know how to fix that so we only have to do it one more time and I think I will wait for the weekend for that.

Below is a piece of art that Grant and I did together!  I did the upper right box and the lower left box and he did all of the rest.  We wanted something fun for outside that included NZ and CA inspiration.  It turned out really good and now our patio is that much brighter and more festive.

Here I am at 34 weeks! Only 6 more to go! 
 Here is a picture of the instructions, I swear could have been so much easier!
Only 4 more days till the weekend !
pleated poppy


Anonymous said...

I love the patio artwork. Really good stuff.

Love ya'...


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