Saturday, January 4, 2014

Flash Back

I always find it fun to pick a day or month and look back in my blog to see what I was doing this exact time the year or years before.

Last year we were just getting back from our new years trip to Pismo beach, I worked at the same place, but we lived in Orange and we were gearing up to move a few months after.  In 2012 I was looking for a new job and we were moving into our place in Orange.  I guess what I realize from looking back is that every year there has been a lot of change.  This year we will be having a baby in about 6 weeks and I will be taking off for about 3 months from work...

I love change, I find it fun and exciting!  The longest I have worked at one job is probably the one I have now which will be 2 years in a few months.  The good thing about change is there is always something to look forward to and if you don't like a situation you know there is going to be an end to it at some point.

Here are some posts I did around this time in previous years:

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This year I don't have resolutions but rather things to look forward to:
  • Having the baby
  • Getting back to my normal shape 
  • Starting a new routine with the baby
  • Working on more art and possibly a way to make money from home
  • Having fun  
 Today we are going to get pregnancy pictures taken by our friend Teresa Long, and as soon as we get them I will share them here with everyone!
I love Saturday!


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