Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pregnancy Update 37 Weeks

I am officially 37 weeks along!  Only 3 more weeks to go till my due date.
I have been feeling ok for a huge pregnant lady who is ready to have this baby.  I feel like we are ready or at least as ready as one can be when not knowing when everything will happen.  Our bags are packed and the car seat is installed, I guess those are the only important things.
I have started to feel lots of Braxton Hicks throughout the days and lots of pressure on my back.  This last weekend I was getting so many jabs and pains I thought maybe the baby was coming, but then they just stopped.  This is my last week of work, then I will have 2 weeks to finish preparing everything I might need, I guess stocking up on food and possibly cleaning the house.
  • Feeling lots of back pressure and pain
  • Gained lots of weight I think around 40 plus pounds
  • Having a hard time sleeping, I am not tired but I do wake up many times in the night
  • Its now hard to feel comfortable, even when I am relaxing
  • Feeling anxious and excited and a little worried about the unknown
Grant is excited although he doesn't really talk about it much unless I ask him.  I try not to call him during the day cause I don't want to scare him lol.  He has been getting in as much surfing as possible because I think he knows it might all be put on hold when the baby comes.
We have pretty much decided on the name but we are not telling anyone till he is born!
The count down is officially on!


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I wish we could evict him now!

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