Friday, February 28, 2014

First Week With Emmett

 Wow does it feel like a lot happened this week!
The Saturday after Emmett was born we came home and didn't get any sleep!
Sunday my mom and dad came over and visited and my dad got to meet Emmett for the first time.

 He loves tummy time!

Monday we had our first Dr. appointment. Everything went well.

 My friend Andrea sent us these beautiful flowers! Thank you so much!

 Tuesday we went by Great Grandpa's shop so he could meet Emmett for the first time.
 Amanda and Ryder came by to visit and meet the new addition to the cousins.

 Daddy and baby relaxing.
 Grandma Kathy has been over visiting and helping lots and we really love it!
In May Grandma Jo will come and visit for a while and we can't wait.

 Lacey and her family have been over twice to visit and hang out!  The kids are soo cute together they love Emmett and Hazel just keeps saying baby, to me she is still a baby.

 Kathy and Hazel best buds forever.
Lacey, Emmett, and Hazel just hanging out.
We are finally on a good sleep pattern where I am only waking about 3 times a night, but with the way things have been changing around here I wouldn't be surprised if everything was different by next week.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Baby Has Arrived!

My due date to have our baby was on February 15th so when that day came and went I was a little tired of waiting, but as the days kept going by I started to get really impatient.  Finally on the 20th we went to visit my cousin Lacey and they said jump out there on that trampoline, so I did! Dean their 5year old held his hands out as I jumped saying I will catch the baby when he comes out, I laughed so hard but it worked, that night I started to have some signs the baby could be coming.

On Friday February 21st at 3am in the morning I started having contractions.  At first I didn't say anything I just lay there in bed wondering if they were really contractions.  Finally as they got more and more painful I started squeezing Grant's arm every time I would feel one.  When I realized they were really close I asked him what time it was and realized they were about 5 minutes apart.  My mom was staying the night cause we knew it could be any day so around 4am I went in and said I think this could really be happening.  Of course she jumped out of bed so fast she gave herself a charlie horse in her leg and was running around saying really?  I was still unsure so I called the hospital and they said come in.  We got there around 5am and they checked me in.  From that point on I felt the day went pretty fast, they got us in a room and said I should walk the halls to get it going. So we walked around for about 40 minutes and they said I was 4cm dilated. 

When the contractions got stronger I decided to get the epidural, I thought why be in pain?  As soon as I got the epidural my blood pressure dropped really low and I started to faint, but they were able to give me some oxygen and once that was over I was able to relax and actually sleep for a few hours.  Around 4pm I started to have a lot of pressure and pain and I said I think the epidural stopped working and they let me know that no I should be feeling that hahaha and I thought it was going to be painless, joke was on me!  Anyways sooo around 5:10pm we started the pushing.  I say we because it was the whole team that made it happen, Lacey, my mom and Grant all took turns holding my legs and cheering me on to push hard and feeding me ice chips and taking photos.  I swear I could not have done it without them.  After about 20 min of pushing the doctor explained to me that with every push we move a little ahead but then that when I stop the head goes a little bit back.  When I heard that I thought no way, that seems like a waste of time.  Some sort of super human power came over me and I just kept pushing till he was out.  At one point the doctor said we are going to need the baby team in here in 30 minutes then she screamed out ok never mind we need them in here now its happening now.
 When he was finally out I had never been so happy, it was a feeling of relief and joy and excitement.  As soon as I saw him I was just thinking everything that I went through for the last 9 months was totally worth having him there with me.  Even as I write this I get teared up thinking about how cool it is to get to experience having a baby.

 Emmett David born February 21, 2014, 8 pounds 3oz, 22in long.

 Skin to Skin with Daddy.
 The Birth Team Lacey and Grandma Kathy.
 Aunt Kristen came by too after work to meet Emmett.

Hands down one of the best days of my life, I can't imagine anything topping this day accept if maybe we were to have another baby in the future, I just can't imagine anything more life changing!

 After spending the night in the hospital we took our first car ride home and the true adventure started.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Outfit Inspriation

Since its never going to be cold in CA again I have found some outfits that I can't wait to try out after I have the baby and get to be my normal size again.
I guess they are for spring weather which makes sense here since its February and 80 degrees!

I just got a really cute light weight scarf that would look great with any of these looks, can't wait to try it out after the baby is born.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

One Day Over BABY DAY

So my due date to have the baby was on February 15th 2014 and its now its 6pm on the 16th!

Sooo I am officially a full day over my due date with nothing feeling any different ha ha joke is on me.  Grant is convinced that tomorrow I will have the baby because he says the waves are suppose to be good tomorrow and I broke the news that I was pregnant to him on a great surf day sooo ... I hope he is right.

Today is Sunday and we spent the day at an antique market in Long Beach walking around looking for treasures with Lacey and her family.  I was hoping the huge amount of walking would induce the labor, but so far nothing.  Last night we also went shopping trying to induce labor along with some dancing (in the kitchen) and again nothing hahahha.

 Grant got me some beautiful Orchids for Valentines day and I got him and I got him some Candy and some band aids (he said he needed them).

My mom and Dad both gave me really nice cards and some candy.

Here is the video of my mom and Lacey making me dance to induce labor...didn't work!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Day Before the Due Date!

Today is the day before my due date!  I spent about an hour walking around target and getting some last minute things we might need.  Yesterday I went to the dr.'s and he said everything is looking good.  He said the baby looks like its about 7 pounds and that in case I go over my due date I need to watch what I eat because we don't want a LARGE baby!

So I have started to eat much healthier, I am thinking of this as my diet starting early lol.

The doctor and I also picked the 21st at 1130 pm to be induced in case I go over my due date by a whole week.  I am really hoping that I have the baby before that, I can't imagine another whole week, but the baby will come when he is good and ready.

Now its just a waiting game till he decides to join us =)

Monday, February 10, 2014


 For Christmas my cousin Kristen gave everyone a jar with all the ingredients to make chocolate chip cookies and all you have to do is add all the wet ingredients and mix it up and cook them.

Now of course I was leery of this because I thought, don't you have to mix everything a certain way?
But I guess not lol cause they taste great so far!

Today is my first day of my second week off work, just relaxing and waiting for the baby!

Friday, February 7, 2014

First Week Off

This was my first week off work to relax and get things organized.  Turns out I was already pretty organized and relaxed lol!  So I have been trying to keep myself busy.  My mom has been coming over and hanging out and we went to my cousin Lacey's house for part of one day to hang with her and the kids.

 We went to Costco and stocked up on things we will need, toilet paper and paper towels, also we found some wine from NZ so we thought we would give it a try!
 Grant needed some shoes so we found these for $20 and he is happy.
 Yesterday I had a Dr.'s appointment and there is not much to report, he said if I feel anything happening to go to the labor wing lol.  We got to see the baby and hear his heart beat, he said he is still in the right position, head down and ready!  He said if he had to guess he would think the baby would be about 6 to 7 pounds right now.
Tomorrow I am 39 weeks which means one more to go.  Really if the baby was born now everything would be fully ready and developed.  So I have been doing everything possible to get this show on the road, walking, bouncing on the exercise ball, stretching.  He will come when he is good and ready!

Monday, February 3, 2014

38 Weeks

So I am 38 weeks and 2 days along.
Today is my first day home from work on maternity leave.  So far I have done some laundry, posted some vintage things for sale in our Etsy store, and watched a show I had recorded.  Of course I have also spent some time looking on the internet and cleaning the house.

Saturday, 38 weeks.

Sunday for the super bowl we went to my friend Danielle's party and had an excellent time even though the game was pretty sad lol.

Today Monday I have been feeling some braxton hicks but nothing that makes me think anything is going to happen today.
 38 weeks 2 days.

The view out my office room, where I am currently writing this.

Here is the baby's  closet, all ready! I have washed everything and organized everything.
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