Friday, February 28, 2014

First Week With Emmett

 Wow does it feel like a lot happened this week!
The Saturday after Emmett was born we came home and didn't get any sleep!
Sunday my mom and dad came over and visited and my dad got to meet Emmett for the first time.

 He loves tummy time!

Monday we had our first Dr. appointment. Everything went well.

 My friend Andrea sent us these beautiful flowers! Thank you so much!

 Tuesday we went by Great Grandpa's shop so he could meet Emmett for the first time.
 Amanda and Ryder came by to visit and meet the new addition to the cousins.

 Daddy and baby relaxing.
 Grandma Kathy has been over visiting and helping lots and we really love it!
In May Grandma Jo will come and visit for a while and we can't wait.

 Lacey and her family have been over twice to visit and hang out!  The kids are soo cute together they love Emmett and Hazel just keeps saying baby, to me she is still a baby.

 Kathy and Hazel best buds forever.
Lacey, Emmett, and Hazel just hanging out.
We are finally on a good sleep pattern where I am only waking about 3 times a night, but with the way things have been changing around here I wouldn't be surprised if everything was different by next week.


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