Sunday, February 16, 2014

One Day Over BABY DAY

So my due date to have the baby was on February 15th 2014 and its now its 6pm on the 16th!

Sooo I am officially a full day over my due date with nothing feeling any different ha ha joke is on me.  Grant is convinced that tomorrow I will have the baby because he says the waves are suppose to be good tomorrow and I broke the news that I was pregnant to him on a great surf day sooo ... I hope he is right.

Today is Sunday and we spent the day at an antique market in Long Beach walking around looking for treasures with Lacey and her family.  I was hoping the huge amount of walking would induce the labor, but so far nothing.  Last night we also went shopping trying to induce labor along with some dancing (in the kitchen) and again nothing hahahha.

 Grant got me some beautiful Orchids for Valentines day and I got him and I got him some Candy and some band aids (he said he needed them).

My mom and Dad both gave me really nice cards and some candy.

Here is the video of my mom and Lacey making me dance to induce labor...didn't work!


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