Monday, March 31, 2014

Bridal Shower for Kristen

 On Saturday we all went to Kristen's bridal shower.  It turned out to be a really nice warm sunny day.  We played some games, but mostly ate and chatted.  The decorations were amazing and the same theme will be used at her wedding.

 Lacey, Kathleen and Kristen.

 The sweets table.

 Gift opening!

It turned out to be a really fun day and now we are ready for the bachelorette party and the wedding!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

BzzAgent Starbucks® Blonde Roast

After a few of my friends told me about how they signed up to review products that are soon to be released I decided to jump on and sign up to become a BzzAgent.
Its really easy you just go to and you sign up and take a bunch of surveys.  After a short wait they invite you to join a campaign to try a product out and write a review about it.  I said yes to the first offer to try the new Starbucks Blonde Roast coffee.  I love coffee and I couldn't wait to see what this was going to taste like.

This morning I made a cup using my coffee press and I really liked it!  I am use to coffee that is a little darker and stronger, but this tasted very nice and because it didn't taste super strong I felt like I could almost have 2 cups rather than my normal one cup in the morning.

I would recommend this product especially to people who like a few cups of coffee, but don't want to get a stomach ache from it being to dark and rich.

I give this 2 thumbs up!

(all my opinions are my own = product review)

Monday, March 24, 2014

Time is Flying

I have been wanting to post more often, but for some reason I just don't have the time.  I am home all day but I have less time than I did when I worked a full time job.  I guess its because you can't organize your time the way you want because you are working around someone else.  So I guess for now there will be not as many posts, but maybe each one will have more of what we have been up to.

On Friday March 21st Emmett turned one month.  It seems crazy that he has been home with us for a whole month.  I loved this first month and I am excited to see what the next will bring.  This first month has included a lot of screaming!  We are trying to get the sleeping situation under control.  Emmett does not just fall asleep easily, he likes to scream and fight it even though he is exhausted.

Our friends from Sweden sent us this wonderful gift that I know Emmett will love to play with when he gets a little older.
Saturday night Grant and I went out to dinner while my mom watched the baby.
Its the first time both of us have left him at the same time.  It was really great to get out of the house and do something different.  We went to Islands for dinner and a drink.

Grandma Babysitting.

On Sunday we had our new refrigerator delivered.  Our old refrigerator was failing, it would freeze everything in the fridge and melt everything in the freezer.  This new one is huge compared to the old one, it will be much easier to organize the food since everything won't be crammed in there.

Just look at all that space!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Baby Photo Shoot

Here are some of the pictures from the photo shoot Teresa Long did of Emmett.

I find it incredible she was able to get such great shots considering he was crying most of the time.

All Photos are by Teresa Long.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


 The last 2 weekends have flown by and I have not had time to post about them.  The weekend before last we went up to my parents house and our friend Teresa took some awesome pictures of Emmett on his 2 week birthday.

 We stayed for a fish dinner that was super yummy!

This last weekend the 3 of us just hung out at home.  Saturday I attempted to take Emmett for a walk in the baby carrier that Lacey gave me, but I only made it a short distance cause I was too afraid that he was suffocating.  Turned out he was fine, but I think he needs a little more neck strength before I will use it again.
 On Sunday my mom came over and we went to the Great Park Farmers Market.  It was pretty nice, but there were not a lot of people there and there wasn't really a park atmosphere yet.  I was hoping for walking trails but there were no trees really and it felt like 120 degrees out so we were only there for about 30 minutes before we decided it was way too hot.

After we got home and had lunch my mom and I asked Grant to watch Emmett for the first time alone so we could run out and get a gift for Kristen's bridal shower... So we are not even gone 20 minutes and I get a call from him where he just has Emmett on the phone screaming his head off.  I asked what is wrong and he said I don't know I gave him the milk you left him, and I changed his diaper and he won't stop screaming!  I said we have only been gone 20 minutes! Then while we are on the phone I hear silence, he fell asleep!  Thank goodness.  We were able to get our shopping done and I guess he slept the whole time.

Friday, March 14, 2014

3 Weeks of Being a Mom

I can't believe Emmett is already 3 weeks old.  Every Friday I have thought, however many weeks ago I was still pregnant and waiting to have him.  Its still weird to think I am a mom and this is my baby.  I feel like everyday he gets bigger and his looks change.

So far as long as he is full and clean and not tired he is happy.  Sometimes its hard to know what exactly is causing the crying and sometimes if we have done everything we find that he just has to cry until he falls asleep.  I am still adjusting to being home and adjusting to the fact that its hard to get anything done.  At the end of the day I wonder what did I do today? Then I realize I did exactly what I was suppose to do I took care of a baby all day and that is my full time job right now.

For the first 2 weeks I gave myself a break as far as trying to lose weight goes, but this week I have started to make a real effort to eat healthy and watch my diet.  I haven't started to work out yet only because I don't really know when to do this.  My plan is to start working out doing videos at home next week when Emmett is sleeping.  My big motivation is the fact that none of my pants fit!  I am super tired of wearing maternity clothes and I can't wait to go through my normal wardrobe and see what I still want to keep and wear and get rid of all the clothes that I no longer want and possibly get a few new things.  I have not shopped or worn anything cute for 9 months and I am ready!  It will be a long process but its time.

 Above Photo by Lacey Donatelli
 We had some really great photos taken by our friend Teresa and I will post some of those soon.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Health Care

Yesterday was Emmett's second doctor appointment.  When they weighed him they said he is not back up to his birth weight yet!  So of course I am now freaked out that he is starving to death.  The Doctor asked me a bunch of questions about how often I feed him and how many wet diapers he has, turns out that he is eating every other hour and she said he is probably not getting enough in each feeding because he falls asleep before he is done eating.  So he is using me as a human all you can eat buffet and just grazing all day long.  The doctor told me that I need to start pumping so I can increase my milk and then hopefully he will eat less often but more at once.

We need to fatten him up!

The problem we have now is Kaiser will cover him for 30 days under my policy, and I have another appointment for him in 2 weeks which will be over those 30 days, and the new Covered CA insurance situation is such a nightmare that its impossible to make even small changes to our policy.
Every change we make they act as if its the first time we have ever applied asking us for all the same information we have already sent them again!  They have said he is covered by medical yet that will take 45 or so days before they can link with Kaiser.  Luckily my mom has been trying to help me figure everything out, but we have spent at least 30 hours in the last weeks and months trying to figure out how to get insurance and make changes.  I really hope they make it easier soon or its never going to work.  Trying to figure out how to get covered while knowing you have to have your baby go to certain appointments is super stressful!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Week 2

Who knew being a mom to a new born could literally take up all your time.  How could anyone work or get anything done?  I know with time I will find a way to manage my time better so I can get more accomplished.

This week Emmett went to his first restaurant, Ferrel's, and Lacey and I attempted to take some cute pictures of him.  We tried a million different things and we just happened to get a few good ones!

 first time out in a restaurant, slept the whole time thank goodness!
 Grant loves to get cuddles when he gets home.
 We got a few smiles this week.

below is how a lot of our photos turned out haha
 but then we got some good ones too!

This morning we had the hearing test and he passed, so one less worry.
I stayed home all day after the Dr.'s and Grant surfed and worked an extra job!
I now feel like I might go crazy so I am looking forward to getting out and about tomorrow.
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