Friday, March 14, 2014

3 Weeks of Being a Mom

I can't believe Emmett is already 3 weeks old.  Every Friday I have thought, however many weeks ago I was still pregnant and waiting to have him.  Its still weird to think I am a mom and this is my baby.  I feel like everyday he gets bigger and his looks change.

So far as long as he is full and clean and not tired he is happy.  Sometimes its hard to know what exactly is causing the crying and sometimes if we have done everything we find that he just has to cry until he falls asleep.  I am still adjusting to being home and adjusting to the fact that its hard to get anything done.  At the end of the day I wonder what did I do today? Then I realize I did exactly what I was suppose to do I took care of a baby all day and that is my full time job right now.

For the first 2 weeks I gave myself a break as far as trying to lose weight goes, but this week I have started to make a real effort to eat healthy and watch my diet.  I haven't started to work out yet only because I don't really know when to do this.  My plan is to start working out doing videos at home next week when Emmett is sleeping.  My big motivation is the fact that none of my pants fit!  I am super tired of wearing maternity clothes and I can't wait to go through my normal wardrobe and see what I still want to keep and wear and get rid of all the clothes that I no longer want and possibly get a few new things.  I have not shopped or worn anything cute for 9 months and I am ready!  It will be a long process but its time.

 Above Photo by Lacey Donatelli
 We had some really great photos taken by our friend Teresa and I will post some of those soon.


Martina Visnjic art said...

What a beautiful big boy, first of all congratulations on the baby.
That hair... :D Love it!
When babies are so small their look is changing from day to day. :D
It is ok to start exercise 6 weeks after birth.

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