Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Health Care

Yesterday was Emmett's second doctor appointment.  When they weighed him they said he is not back up to his birth weight yet!  So of course I am now freaked out that he is starving to death.  The Doctor asked me a bunch of questions about how often I feed him and how many wet diapers he has, turns out that he is eating every other hour and she said he is probably not getting enough in each feeding because he falls asleep before he is done eating.  So he is using me as a human all you can eat buffet and just grazing all day long.  The doctor told me that I need to start pumping so I can increase my milk and then hopefully he will eat less often but more at once.

We need to fatten him up!

The problem we have now is Kaiser will cover him for 30 days under my policy, and I have another appointment for him in 2 weeks which will be over those 30 days, and the new Covered CA insurance situation is such a nightmare that its impossible to make even small changes to our policy.
Every change we make they act as if its the first time we have ever applied asking us for all the same information we have already sent them again!  They have said he is covered by medical yet that will take 45 or so days before they can link with Kaiser.  Luckily my mom has been trying to help me figure everything out, but we have spent at least 30 hours in the last weeks and months trying to figure out how to get insurance and make changes.  I really hope they make it easier soon or its never going to work.  Trying to figure out how to get covered while knowing you have to have your baby go to certain appointments is super stressful!


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