Saturday, March 8, 2014

Week 2

Who knew being a mom to a new born could literally take up all your time.  How could anyone work or get anything done?  I know with time I will find a way to manage my time better so I can get more accomplished.

This week Emmett went to his first restaurant, Ferrel's, and Lacey and I attempted to take some cute pictures of him.  We tried a million different things and we just happened to get a few good ones!

 first time out in a restaurant, slept the whole time thank goodness!
 Grant loves to get cuddles when he gets home.
 We got a few smiles this week.

below is how a lot of our photos turned out haha
 but then we got some good ones too!

This morning we had the hearing test and he passed, so one less worry.
I stayed home all day after the Dr.'s and Grant surfed and worked an extra job!
I now feel like I might go crazy so I am looking forward to getting out and about tomorrow.


beeswax said...

Thanks for putting up the picture of me stuffing my face!!!

Emmett is practicing for Chippendale's??? Very cute.

Love you, MOM

Faiza taha yasin said...

Really cute baby!! But you make me worried if I ever get married I would want to continue my career. It looks like if I would decide to start a family right away, I will have an issue!! :(

Anonymous said...

Lovely family.
You, though, are absolutely glowing...beautiful.
God Bless you all.

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