Tuesday, March 18, 2014


 The last 2 weekends have flown by and I have not had time to post about them.  The weekend before last we went up to my parents house and our friend Teresa took some awesome pictures of Emmett on his 2 week birthday.

 We stayed for a fish dinner that was super yummy!

This last weekend the 3 of us just hung out at home.  Saturday I attempted to take Emmett for a walk in the baby carrier that Lacey gave me, but I only made it a short distance cause I was too afraid that he was suffocating.  Turned out he was fine, but I think he needs a little more neck strength before I will use it again.
 On Sunday my mom came over and we went to the Great Park Farmers Market.  It was pretty nice, but there were not a lot of people there and there wasn't really a park atmosphere yet.  I was hoping for walking trails but there were no trees really and it felt like 120 degrees out so we were only there for about 30 minutes before we decided it was way too hot.

After we got home and had lunch my mom and I asked Grant to watch Emmett for the first time alone so we could run out and get a gift for Kristen's bridal shower... So we are not even gone 20 minutes and I get a call from him where he just has Emmett on the phone screaming his head off.  I asked what is wrong and he said I don't know I gave him the milk you left him, and I changed his diaper and he won't stop screaming!  I said we have only been gone 20 minutes! Then while we are on the phone I hear silence, he fell asleep!  Thank goodness.  We were able to get our shopping done and I guess he slept the whole time.


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