Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Anna's Visit

Last week from Thursday till Sunday my good friend Anna came to visit us.
Anna lives in NJ, but we met in New Zealand.  If you want to see how we met check out some of my older posts ( One, two and three)

We went to Balboa Island and walked around and had a chocolate covered frozen banana.
The weather was perfect, warm with a cool breeze.

 Saturday we drove to my parents house for dinner and we also checked out some new model homes in the area.  The houses were awesome, if we only had a million dollars we could get one lol!
 We left the boys at home while we went through the model homes.

Sunday we went to my cousin Lacey's house and hung out there for the day, sadly I did not take any pictures.  For dinner we went to this really cool place where you make your own pizza, its kinda like subway, as you walk down the row you tell them what you want on your pizza.  Really late Sunday night we took Anna to the airport.  It was so great to have her here to visit with and help with Emmett.
I wish we lived closer because I really miss getting to see you Anna!


Lacey D said...

When do we move into the new house?

Anna said...

I miss Emmett and you guys too!

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