Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Bachelorette Party Time

 Saturday was Kristen's Bachelorette party down in San Diego.  We all met in our hotel room to get the party started.  After everyone had a drink Lacey and I snuck out of the room so we could go and meet the special surprise guest ( a stripper).  The really funny thing was he met us in the lobby of the hotel hahhahha.  We decided he would turn on his music really loud outside the room and then when we all went to see what the noise was he would come in.  Kristen was defiantly taken by surprise hahaha.

Lacey and I are practicing our stripper moves before he got there hahhahaa.

The calm before the stripper storm arrived.

The arrival of the cowboy!

I cried laughing, and don't worry he got all of us at one point!
After the hotel fun we all went to Dick's Last Resort for dinner and drinks.  One of the girls didn't even make it out of the cab before her night ended ( I won't name any names, it wasn't me lol).  After dinner we all headed to a cowboy night club and danced and partied till about 1am before we got kicked out.  Again it wasn't me!  Luckily we all got back to the hotel safely.


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