Wednesday, May 7, 2014


 Finally we had a cool enough day for Emmett to wear this cute sweater that our friend Carol made him.  It fits perfectly!  Also he wears the sleepers she made him all the time too, I am finding I like the home made clothes way better than the store bought ones!

Last Saturday when we were garage sale hunting I found a bumper for the crib.  It was a major score, a pottery barn bumper for $10.00.  I put the bumper in the crib, but Emmett is not sleeping in this crib yet he is still in our room.  Soo my thinking is I don't have to worry about the bumper and suffocation because we probably won't put him in his crib for at least another month and he can already lift and turn his head on his own.  Anyways it looks super cute!
 Before and Afer


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