Monday, June 30, 2014

4 Months Old

Emmett is 4 months and about a week old!  I can't believe how fast time is going it feels like I was just pregnant and getting ready to have him.  I have to say I am really enjoying him more than ever.  I thought I would be sad that he is no longer a new born and really tiny but I am happy to say I enjoyed him as a newborn and I am enjoying him as a 4 month old too.

The first few months were way harder than it is now and I am sure there are a lot of reasons for that.  One reason being, newborns are adjusting to life so they cry a lot and they eat and poo constantly and another reason is we as parents are getting use to all the changes and figuring out what works best and adjusting to the new addition.

Now days Emmett is way more interactive and its so fun to play with him and get him to smile and laugh! We still don't really have a schedule, but most days end up being similar.

Emmett usually wakes up around 630 to 7am if he wakes up at 5am we usually put him in bed with us and he will sleep a little longer that way.  His first nap is around 830 to 9am and he sleeps for about an hour or longer.  The only other thing that happens most days is he goes to sleep around 8pm.

He is still sleeping in the pack n play in our room at nights, but he takes all his naps in his room in the crib. He loves the glow worm and will reach out and touch its face when he is getting ready for his nap.  We don't really swaddle him anymore, but if he can't settle down I do wrap only his arms down and he likes that!  He takes after his dad and is long and skinny, now wearing 6 month clothes but 3 month shorts ( like his dad he has a skinny waist).

New mile stones have been
  • Sucking his toes!  Yes he is very flexible!
  • Holding the pacifier himself
  • Drooling! He can make a bib wet in about 1 min
  • Reaching and grabbing hair! OW
  • Sitting on his own ( only for a sec or 2)
  • Rolling over
  • Talking to us (through noises other than crying)
  • laughing

Sunday, June 29, 2014

The New Plumbers

On Friday my mom and I decided we would be plumbers and replace my kitchen faucet.  Someone broke our old one!  Not positive who, but I have a good idea lol (it wasn't me)!  My mom and I went to Home Depot and bought an affordable faucet only to get home, open it and realize it was way to cheap and junky.  Sooo we were back out to the store to return the first attempt and start again.  Once we found the right one we came home for the install!  On our way out the door to get the second faucet my mom dropped a unopened can of soda and it fell and rolled across the garage.  I said to her oh well throw it away, she told me no its fine I will just set it here for later.  Fast forward an hour or two, we get the new faucet, go to Costco, come home, Grant gets home, we start to instal the faucet and... My mom picks up the unopened soda and the can literally explodes in her hand.  Hansen's lime diet soda shoots everywhere! IN MY HOUSE!  There is soda on the ceiling, the walls, the mirror, my mom, EVERYWHERE!  Thank god it was diet and clear or we would have had a huge sticky mess.  Next time I drop a soda its getting put in a bag in the trash.  The night was filled with lots of laughing because nothing is funnier than something unexpected exploding in your house.

After we cleaned up the soda my mom said ok now get on your back and start screwing in these nuts!  When I recovered from the laughter from that statement we were able to instal the faucet.
We figured it out on the first attempt with no problems and no leaking, what a miracle.

 Old One
 Old One
New One!  The sprayer is separate and so is the handle, so hopefully people will not yank too hard on the new one and it will last longer than a year and a half.

Saturday, June 28, 2014


Ok first things first (or however that saying goes) I am going to try to bring writing back to my blog.  I was looking at some of my old posts and I use to write a lot more and I love looking back and reading funny things that happened.  Lately I have just been putting up pictures with captions and that is a little lame.  Don't worry I will still have lots of pictures, but I know if I don't write down what is happening now I will look back and miss the funny stories that went with the pictures.

On Thursday we went to Zoomars petting zoo in San Juan Capistrano.  At the zoo there are horses, llamas, guinea pigs, chickens and goats.  Emmett is currently 4 months old so it would have been a little more fun (for him) if he was old enough to enjoy the animals a little more, but it was still fun to get out and see the animals.  At one point I found myself on the train with all the kids holding Emmett and as we went around for the 5th time (I was getting a little dizzy by this point) I thought to myself what am I doing on here? Emmett doesn't even know we are on a train lol.

 All aboard! Even adults and babies that have no clue they are on a train!

 It is almost impossible to get a child to pose, but I just thought her outfit matched so well with the flowers.

I call this one the people pyramid!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Baby Baby Baby

 Babies who love babies!  Sunday we went to visit Dean and Hazel and their other cousin came too, which meant there were 2 babies in the same room and it was hard to control the excitement!

Hazel and Dean are soo cute when it comes to their love of babies, they want to hold them and hug them and love them till it hurts.  Hazel says what sounds like "I ..I.. Emmett", I am not sure if this means I want Emmett or I love Emmett but you can tell whatever it is she is saying she is very excited about it.

 Emmett, Dean, and Tristan
 Emmett, Hazel and Tristan
Having a baby must be similar to what it is like to be famous.  Everyone talks to you! Everyone!  In the store, walking around, everywhere you go, people say oh you have a baby!  They always point out the obvious like he is so little, so cute, so much hair, so happy, so loud, ect...

The most interesting is when there is a group of kids and the baby comes out!  They swarm around you, ask a thousand questions, and immediately grab his arms and hands and then they always say the same 2 things, his skin is sooo soft and how do you cuts his tiny little finger nails? 
Kids are so funny! I love it!

Surf Board

At 6am I got a text from Grant saying "call the wambulance"

My first thought was NOOOOOO
My second thought was WHY???
My third thought was NOOOO

Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer is Here

I have decided I want to spend the summer in Hawaii, but since that is not a reality...

I have made a list of activities that I want to do this summer

  1. Cook more meals following a recipe AKA trying new meals
  2. Go to the beach (at least a few times)
  3. Go to Zoomars (animal petting zoo)
  4. Go to some local parks
  5. Check out some of the local farmers markets
  6. Clean out the garage and set up an organization system
  7. Remodel my closet
  8. Day trip to San Diego
  9. Swimming 
  10. Work on my art
I am sure the list will grow as I come up with more ideas!
 Surf's Up

Dancing With Emmett

A new addition to the blog will be dancing with Emmett!  Weekly we will try to video a clip of Emmett doing a little dance. So far he is pretty good and loves Motown music.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Saturday Morning Cafe Torrens

 This morning we got lucky because Emmett decided to take a long morning nap!
Grant made a yummy breakfast and we were able to enjoy it with no screaming.

The weather is perfect today so we were able to eat outside in our backyard.
If you closed your eyes you might have felt like you were at a cafe!
The reality that we were home hit when Emmett woke up and I came inside and saw I had to clean the kitchen lol.  No complaints here, breakfast was delicious!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Around the House with Emmett

Hanging around the house.

Snowflakes Shaved Ice

 On Tuesday we went out for desert to Snowflakes.  We ordered the shave ice, the shaved snow and the nutella ice cream sandwich.  This has to be the best shave ice I have ever had!
 There are so many choices it was hard to decide what we wanted, but in the end what we got was delicious!

We met Lacey and the kids there for a late night snack.
I definitely recommend going and checking it out

We will be back!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Father's Day Weekend

 On Friday my mom and I went out to the LA Roadster Show on set up day to see all our friends.
We stopped by the Brizio t-shirt booth to see Sue and the gang.

 Everyone was excited to meet Emmett.
 In the afternoon we went to the So-Cal event and saw some cars and friends.
I had to plug Emmett's ears a few times when they started up the cars but he didn't seem to mind.
The day was really fun and the weather was perfect warm but not too hot.

 Saturday we went to the beach with Lacey's family.
Brandon gave us all a ride in his boat, when us girls went out my mom stood up just as the boat was taking off and almost fell. Soo funny!

 Hazel looked super cute as usual!

 It was cool in the shade so we had Emmett all bundled up.
We put sunblock on but I guess it was a little too late because we all got a little red on the shoulders.
Next time I put sunblock on the second I get to the beach.

For Father's day we went out to breakfast and spent the day chilling at home.
Only a few days till the official start of summer!
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