Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Baby Baby Baby

 Babies who love babies!  Sunday we went to visit Dean and Hazel and their other cousin came too, which meant there were 2 babies in the same room and it was hard to control the excitement!

Hazel and Dean are soo cute when it comes to their love of babies, they want to hold them and hug them and love them till it hurts.  Hazel says what sounds like "I ..I.. Emmett", I am not sure if this means I want Emmett or I love Emmett but you can tell whatever it is she is saying she is very excited about it.

 Emmett, Dean, and Tristan
 Emmett, Hazel and Tristan
Having a baby must be similar to what it is like to be famous.  Everyone talks to you! Everyone!  In the store, walking around, everywhere you go, people say oh you have a baby!  They always point out the obvious like he is so little, so cute, so much hair, so happy, so loud, ect...

The most interesting is when there is a group of kids and the baby comes out!  They swarm around you, ask a thousand questions, and immediately grab his arms and hands and then they always say the same 2 things, his skin is sooo soft and how do you cuts his tiny little finger nails? 
Kids are so funny! I love it!


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