Monday, June 16, 2014

Father's Day Weekend

 On Friday my mom and I went out to the LA Roadster Show on set up day to see all our friends.
We stopped by the Brizio t-shirt booth to see Sue and the gang.

 Everyone was excited to meet Emmett.
 In the afternoon we went to the So-Cal event and saw some cars and friends.
I had to plug Emmett's ears a few times when they started up the cars but he didn't seem to mind.
The day was really fun and the weather was perfect warm but not too hot.

 Saturday we went to the beach with Lacey's family.
Brandon gave us all a ride in his boat, when us girls went out my mom stood up just as the boat was taking off and almost fell. Soo funny!

 Hazel looked super cute as usual!

 It was cool in the shade so we had Emmett all bundled up.
We put sunblock on but I guess it was a little too late because we all got a little red on the shoulders.
Next time I put sunblock on the second I get to the beach.

For Father's day we went out to breakfast and spent the day chilling at home.
Only a few days till the official start of summer!


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