Sunday, June 29, 2014

The New Plumbers

On Friday my mom and I decided we would be plumbers and replace my kitchen faucet.  Someone broke our old one!  Not positive who, but I have a good idea lol (it wasn't me)!  My mom and I went to Home Depot and bought an affordable faucet only to get home, open it and realize it was way to cheap and junky.  Sooo we were back out to the store to return the first attempt and start again.  Once we found the right one we came home for the install!  On our way out the door to get the second faucet my mom dropped a unopened can of soda and it fell and rolled across the garage.  I said to her oh well throw it away, she told me no its fine I will just set it here for later.  Fast forward an hour or two, we get the new faucet, go to Costco, come home, Grant gets home, we start to instal the faucet and... My mom picks up the unopened soda and the can literally explodes in her hand.  Hansen's lime diet soda shoots everywhere! IN MY HOUSE!  There is soda on the ceiling, the walls, the mirror, my mom, EVERYWHERE!  Thank god it was diet and clear or we would have had a huge sticky mess.  Next time I drop a soda its getting put in a bag in the trash.  The night was filled with lots of laughing because nothing is funnier than something unexpected exploding in your house.

After we cleaned up the soda my mom said ok now get on your back and start screwing in these nuts!  When I recovered from the laughter from that statement we were able to instal the faucet.
We figured it out on the first attempt with no problems and no leaking, what a miracle.

 Old One
 Old One
New One!  The sprayer is separate and so is the handle, so hopefully people will not yank too hard on the new one and it will last longer than a year and a half.


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