Saturday, June 28, 2014


Ok first things first (or however that saying goes) I am going to try to bring writing back to my blog.  I was looking at some of my old posts and I use to write a lot more and I love looking back and reading funny things that happened.  Lately I have just been putting up pictures with captions and that is a little lame.  Don't worry I will still have lots of pictures, but I know if I don't write down what is happening now I will look back and miss the funny stories that went with the pictures.

On Thursday we went to Zoomars petting zoo in San Juan Capistrano.  At the zoo there are horses, llamas, guinea pigs, chickens and goats.  Emmett is currently 4 months old so it would have been a little more fun (for him) if he was old enough to enjoy the animals a little more, but it was still fun to get out and see the animals.  At one point I found myself on the train with all the kids holding Emmett and as we went around for the 5th time (I was getting a little dizzy by this point) I thought to myself what am I doing on here? Emmett doesn't even know we are on a train lol.

 All aboard! Even adults and babies that have no clue they are on a train!

 It is almost impossible to get a child to pose, but I just thought her outfit matched so well with the flowers.

I call this one the people pyramid!


Anonymous said...

Great writing and great photos. Keep 'em up.

Love ya'...


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