Tuesday, July 29, 2014

What I Wore Wednesday

 It is hard to do a what I wore Wednesday because I rarely put interesting outfits together just to be on the floor with a baby all day.  When I do go out its normally just shorts and a t-shirt, but maybe if I start to do this type of post again I will start to get dressed a little better more often.

pleated poppy

Monday, July 28, 2014

Dancing With Emmett 2

Here he is dancing at 5 months (all on his own)!

If you want to see the first time a month ago click here.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sitting and Eating!

Friday was a lot of firsts for Emmett.  He started sitting on his own and we gave him some peas for the first time.  Of course when he is sitting on his own there are a lot of pillows surrounding him!  As for the peas he didn't seem to mind the taste but actually swallowing them was a different story haha.  Most of them went in and out again but at least we are trying, at some point they have to learn.

We also had a guest come to dinner with us.  Rebecca from NZ ( the family I use to nanny for and good family friend) was in town for one night and was able to go out to dinner with us.  It was so great to see her and get to catch up.  Next time hopefully we will get to go to NZ and Emmett can meet Sybilla.

The first bite of peas was sooo funny.  His face went from yay grown up food to What the hell is this?
I have a feeling everything we introduce will be this way, it must be very hard to be introduced to this weird world lol.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Looking Like MAMA

Little Emmett looks a lot like I did as a baby!  So fun to compare pictures and see what I was doing compared to what he is doing at this age.  Emmett just started sitting on his own (with lots of pillows around him).  There are pictures from when I was the same age and I was walking pushing my own walker lol!  I have a feeling he is at least a month away from that, but I need to start thinking of baby proofing the house!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Looking like DADA

 I have noticed a few of the pictures I take lately of Emmett remind me of pictures I have seen of Grant from a similar age.  I thought I would compare a few of them to see the similarities and differences.  Little cuties!

 Most of the time when I look at Emmett I don't really see us in him, cause he has his own look about him, but when you have a photo its easier to see.  There are times when I look at his little face and think I am looking at a photo of when I was little and other times I just see Grant in him.  Its so weird how they go through stages looking like us, a weird concept to have a little person who looks like you lol!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

5 Months Old

 Emmett is officially 5 months old.  He is a happy baby who loves to constantly be entertained and or held.  We are working on allowing him to entertain himself.  I am personally really starting to love this stage, I found the first 3 months to be extremely difficult and exhausting.

We have hit some major major mile stones in the last few weeks.
  • Last night he slept through the entire night!  I mean he did not wake up at all from 8pm till 6am when I had to go in and wake him up!  This is the first time this has ever happened. (he was always good at waking up in the night just to eat and going straight back to sleep)
  • Emmett is now eating a little cereal and by eating I mean it goes in his mouth and back out onto the bib, but we are working on it.
  • He now sleeps in his crib in his room! For the first 4 months we had him in a crib in our room and I am happy to claim my room back!
  • We are now on a pretty good schedule.  This seems to have happened pretty naturally.  He wakes up at 6am eats, back to sleep at 830am till about 10am.  Second nap at 12 up around 1 or 2 and third short nap at 4pm, sleeping for the night at 8pm.
  • For food we are still feeding on demand and of course right when he wakes up in the morning and right before he goes to bed.  I would say about every 2 to 3 hours.
  • He just started talking (babbling) making da da ma ma ga ga noises and he can do this for an hour or more at a time if he feels like it.  If you think you can make him talk forget it, my mom calls I put her on speaker and he goes completely silent till the phone goes off.
  • He is also now laughing, this is also hard to get him to do.  Although sometimes he will stare off in space and just chuckle hahhaa I think he is like me, its pretty hard to make me laugh but when I do I am on the floor crying.
  • He loves to smile and loves to cuddle

He looks soo much like Grant in this picture...CRAZY

Monday, July 21, 2014

Pool Party and Window!

 On Saturday we went to my friend Danielle's daughter's 4th birthday party!  We had such a great time, I wish Danielle and I lived closer so I could see her more often.  The pool water was a little cold for Emmett, but he still liked putting his feet in and watching DA DA swim around and pretend to be a fish.

 This cake was sooo good! Danielle did a great job, I could have eaten the whole thing!

 On Sunday Grant put in our new window.  Here is a picture of the super old ugly one.  I will do a separate post about the window when we finish painting around it.

Guess who turned 5 months today! He loves his high chair cause now he can sit with the big people!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Life Lately

There have been lots of changes around here... the biggest being I am now working out!  I guess the changes are not that big, but for me they are.  I went out on a limb and joined a mom group!  So far it has been great, they have a lot of different activities going on and you can join as many or as little as you want.  So far I have gone on two morning walks.  The first walk on Tuesday we did 3 laps, each lap is a mile and on Thursday we did 4 laps.  I have also started to do my work out shred DVD.  Even though a certain someone is still not sleeping through the night and we are all exhausted I am finding I have more energy when I work out.

I am currently trying to get Emmett on some sort of schedule, but as most current moms know it is easier said than done!

So far the only part of the schedule that is similar every day is waking up at 6am and going to sleep at 8pm with a few naps throughout the day.  Baby Steps is what I am telling myself.

 Sunday we organized the garage (or rather I did with little to no help)
 Monday I actually got dressed and went to hang with my mom for the day.
Emmett enjoying a nap with dad!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Busy Weekend!

 Our weekend turned out to be pretty busy. Friday night Grant watched Emmett so I could go out for a few hours to a painting and vino class down in New Port.  It turned out to be really fun!  The painting was really easy and they went step by step so anyone can do it.

On Saturday I gave Grant a hair cut and later in the day my mom and dad came over and we all went out to dinner to Islands.  On Sunday Grant had to work in the morning, but in the afternoon we took Emmett swimming for the first time.  He really loved it!  He never cried and he didn't even seem to notice the temp of the water at all.  Of course we were only in there a short time but he really loved it.
 before the hair cut

 The boys wore their All Blacks gear while we watched the foot ball (soccer)

I am happy he likes the water because its so hot and humid.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

This Week

This week feels like its taking forever!  Everyday I think what is today? only Wednesday?  Ever since the 4th of July I have been sick and so has Emmett.  Nothing bad just headaches and stuffy nose and no energy, seriously who gets sick in the summer?  I did take Emmett to the Doctor and he said its a virus and really nothing can be done about it... good to know!

I am finally starting to feel better today and that is good because I am ready to get some energy back and we have no food in our house.  When I said this to Grant last night he said that is not what a starving person would say lol, but we can't live healthily off chips, beer, crackers, and cereal with no milk lol.  I finally cleared all of the photos off of my phone and I realized I had over a years worth of photos and video!  When looking at all the pictures I saw that this time last year we were in Hawaii, I wish we were there now!

Here are some photos from back then

That was such a fun trip even though I was pregnant and constantly felt sick from morning till night!
The funny thing about this last photo is I felt like I was starting to show hahahhaa little did I know that I would go on to gain 50 pounds!

I want to go back to Hawaii!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Last week I decided to rearrange the furniture.  I was sick of everything looking the same and I thought its summer and its the perfect time to move it all around.  Of course it will all be moving again in a few months when Emmett starts to crawl because almost everything in our house is unsafe lol.  When he does crawl I hope I can just move a few things out of the way and lock a few cabinets and not change everything.

Initially we had the couch pushed up against our fireplace because we didn't want to block off the front door, but since we only ever use our back door I decided to flip the couch around and have it open to the kitchen.  Over all the room feels way bigger.  When Emmett crawls my plan is to push the extremely dangerous glass coffee table up against the fireplace and cover it with padding.

Here are the before pictures:

 Here are the after pictures (we still have to move the art around)

I can't wait till I can start to fix up our room, especially my closet!
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