Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Last week I decided to rearrange the furniture.  I was sick of everything looking the same and I thought its summer and its the perfect time to move it all around.  Of course it will all be moving again in a few months when Emmett starts to crawl because almost everything in our house is unsafe lol.  When he does crawl I hope I can just move a few things out of the way and lock a few cabinets and not change everything.

Initially we had the couch pushed up against our fireplace because we didn't want to block off the front door, but since we only ever use our back door I decided to flip the couch around and have it open to the kitchen.  Over all the room feels way bigger.  When Emmett crawls my plan is to push the extremely dangerous glass coffee table up against the fireplace and cover it with padding.

Here are the before pictures:

 Here are the after pictures (we still have to move the art around)

I can't wait till I can start to fix up our room, especially my closet!


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