Thursday, July 24, 2014

Looking like DADA

 I have noticed a few of the pictures I take lately of Emmett remind me of pictures I have seen of Grant from a similar age.  I thought I would compare a few of them to see the similarities and differences.  Little cuties!

 Most of the time when I look at Emmett I don't really see us in him, cause he has his own look about him, but when you have a photo its easier to see.  There are times when I look at his little face and think I am looking at a photo of when I was little and other times I just see Grant in him.  Its so weird how they go through stages looking like us, a weird concept to have a little person who looks like you lol!


Anonymous said...

Awesome comparison. With Grant's look along with yours, I'm sure he'll be the best looking kid ever.
Love ya'...
P.S. Please keep the blogs coming. Just because I don't comment on all of them doesn't mean that I don't read and enjoy each and every one.

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