Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Summer List

  1. Cook more meals following a recipe AKA trying new meals (I have been making home made ice cream and banana bread)
  2. Go to the beach (at least a few times)
  3. Go to Zoomars (animal petting zoo) http://shannonolson.blogspot.com/2014/06/zoomars.html
  4. Go to some local parks
  5. Check out some of the local farmers markets
  6. Clean out the garage and set up an organization system
  7. Remodel my closet
  8. Day trip to San Diego
  9. Swimming  (Last Sunday we went swimming at my mom's)
  10. Work on my art

I can already cross a few things off this list!

A month or so ago my mom gave me her ice cream maker and said she never uses it so I can have it.  I said that is the last thing I need, but here we are making ice cream!  Its still the last thing I need but it is fun to make different flavors and its "healthier" LOL.  Its not really healthier but at least I know the ingredients are real food and not some weird words no one can pronounce.  I do plan to try some healthier options like sorbet and yogurt, but so far I have made strawberry ice cream and peanut butter chocolate.  When you put the ice cream with the home made banana bread you feel like you are in taste bud heaven! 



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