Wednesday, July 9, 2014

This Week

This week feels like its taking forever!  Everyday I think what is today? only Wednesday?  Ever since the 4th of July I have been sick and so has Emmett.  Nothing bad just headaches and stuffy nose and no energy, seriously who gets sick in the summer?  I did take Emmett to the Doctor and he said its a virus and really nothing can be done about it... good to know!

I am finally starting to feel better today and that is good because I am ready to get some energy back and we have no food in our house.  When I said this to Grant last night he said that is not what a starving person would say lol, but we can't live healthily off chips, beer, crackers, and cereal with no milk lol.  I finally cleared all of the photos off of my phone and I realized I had over a years worth of photos and video!  When looking at all the pictures I saw that this time last year we were in Hawaii, I wish we were there now!

Here are some photos from back then

That was such a fun trip even though I was pregnant and constantly felt sick from morning till night!
The funny thing about this last photo is I felt like I was starting to show hahahhaa little did I know that I would go on to gain 50 pounds!

I want to go back to Hawaii!


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