Sunday, August 31, 2014

Labor Day Weekend

 Well I guess summer is pretty much over.  Labor day weekend has always signified the last weekend of the summer before going back to school and even though I am not in school, for some reason it just feels like summer is over and Fall is on its way here.  In every store there are back to school sales where you can buy your fall clothes and sweat your you know what off (since we live in CA).  I am really hoping for a cool winter.  I have a lot of boots that need to be worn and it would be a really nice break from the heat.  Its funny that when you live in a cold climate you want heat and when you live in the heat you want cool.  Anyways so far this weekend we have really made the most of having fun.  Friday we had a Margarita party at my parents because we have some friends from NZ in town and Saturday Grant went surfing and us women folk went shopping.  I didn't get much, but everything I got will be wrapped for Christmas.  Last year was a nightmare when it came to Christmas shopping!  I didn't have things for everyone and had to go out the day before Christmas, long story short I ended up just grabbing things and getting stuck in a ton of traffic!

Anyways I have always loved fall and the going back to school shopping ( I use to do) and the pumpkins and Halloween and Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Now that we have a child it will all be so much more fun!

 Here is Ruby in her new Anna dress, looking Fantastic!
 Here is Mel making Emmett laugh.
 This is what it looks like as I write this post.  Yes margarita party of one lol. (Grant's drinking beer)

Thursday, August 28, 2014


For the last week all I have been hearing is wave this and swell that and beach this and storm that.  Anyways I guess we just got the largest waves that have hit CA in something like 15 years, a once in a life time hit of huge waves.  Grant is and was very excited to do lots of surfing.  On Wednesday the largest of the wave days my mom and I went to the beach to see these huge waves and it was so crowded everywhere that we ended up just driving through and looking out the car window ha ha.  I guess that is close enough for me anyways hahaha.

Here are some nice pictures I tried to get of the waves, but obviously missed the large waves lol.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Looking Back

The fun thing about having a blog is getting to go back and see what you were doing around the same time years before.  I really like when I come across a story that I had written and completely forgotten about.  I have added links to what I was doing each year around this time. 

I was living in NZ and had only been there a few months.
I was back in NZ after being home visiting my family.
I was still in NZ lol!
We had just moved back to CA from NZ and we were planning our wedding.
We were renting a small apartment in Orange and dealing with a super hot summer with no air.
I was a few months pregnant and feeling very average!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Emmett is 6 Months Old

 I can't believe I have a 6 month old (heck I can't believe I have a baby lol)!  He is already half a year old, which means I had him a half a year ago.  For some reason it feels like just yesterday I was still pregnant.  Anyways he is getting so grown up all of a sudden.  He eats real big people food, blended of course, but so far he has had peas, green beans, and banana and cereal every morning.  Soon we will be trying spinach and carrots.  Its a slow process to introduce foods since they have to try one at a time for 3 days straight.

He now has teeth! 2 teeth on the bottom and he loves to use them.  He will grab your finger, stick it in his mouth and chomp down before you even know what is happening.  He is rolling all over the place.  I put him to sleep in one position to come back and find him at the opposite side backwards and turned around.  He is mobile via his walker!  He really loves that thing and can get around pretty quick.  He smiles a lot and loves to go on walks in the mornings.  We have been reading everyday and now that I have joined the library we can branch out and get some new material to look at.

We have already made it through 2 colds! Yes a cold in the summer, how is it possible?  He is a real trouper and we got lucky that they didn't last long.  He weighs around 17 pounds and I think 27 inches long. Oh yeah and he can sit all on his own!

We made it through the summer and I think we are all ready for the fall.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Social Media and the Weekend

Sometimes I get so sick of social media, I say this as I type this on my blog lol.  I feel like my blog is different from facebook for me, because I can look back and see events that were happening in my life in the past and its also a good time line.  I am finding facebook (for me) to be a little overwhelming lately.  I go on there because I get an email that says someone has commented on something I have put up and initially I am just there to check the comment, then the next thing I know I have been scrolling through tons of crap people have liked and commented on.  I often think if we didn't have internet and facebook a whole lot more would get done, maybe not as fast but probably a lot more efficiently and done better.  Anyways I would just delete my facebook if I didn't have a lot of family and friends who lived in another country that we want to stay in contact with.  I have deleted my instagram because its just one more thing to deal with and look at, its like a picture overload.  Remember when we use to take pictures once in a while and get them developed and put them in an album, now we take pictures everyday and never print them out.  Well I guess its just becoming a little bit too much so I have quit instagram and I am not going to be going on Facebook very often.  I will still be blogging and I will link my blog so people can see, but I think that is it for now.  Grant said, its like the saying if a tree falls in the woods, but you didn't facebook it did it really happen?  Do we only do things now days so we can take pictures of ourselves doing whatever "it" is and put it on the internet?  Seems like it to me since everywhere I go I see people walking around like zombies staring at their phones...

I feel like we did a lot this weekend.  Emmett turned 6 months old!
I went to my friend Danielle's baby shower, and we did a painting and vino night.

  Soon we will have so much art we won't know what to do with it.

Saturday, August 23, 2014


 This week we spent a night up at my mom's house for the bunco party.  We had an excellent time, and the next day I decided to stay for the day and work on some art and hang out.  My dad was fishing so it was just a girls day.  Emmett is officially walking in his walker, he loves it and he really gets around.  I was working on my painting when I look around to see him, all I saw was the edge of the walker poking out from under the table.  Thank goodness he didn't pull everything down lol!  That would have been a real mess.  I looked under the table and there he was smiling hahaha.  He had a look on his face of, how did I get under here? hahaha.

 He then kept going till he was under the next table lol.  It was a fun game for him.
Toot toot here I come...

Yes my mom has a lot of tables in her house, but she had 2 more because of the bunco party lol.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

What We Wore Wednesday

 We have been out and about this week, which means we are getting dressed lol.

 Kiwi NZ tiki shirt

Below is the hat I made for Emmett before he was born.  Of course its too hot to wear but we tried it on to make sure it will fit for winter.

 Here is Hazel looking soo super stylish at the zoo.

 Emmett is going through clothes so fast I have to take pictures to remember all these cute outfits friends and family have got him.

pleated poppy

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Closet

 Ever since we moved in here I have wanted to re do this closet.  Before we moved in we had a great idea to turn this whole side of the room into a closet, but turned out we just didn't need a closet that big and I like the room being large.  As you can see in these photos my closet had no doors, and that is because they were so large and horrible they were the first thing to go.  They were sliding doors and there were 3 of them, but you could only open one at a time, soo you could never see what was in the other side of the closet!  That makes no sense, who thought that up? ANYWAYS... The closet was also falling apart the shelf was falling down and the bar was dipping in the middle.

 Bad Bad Bad!

 Here is Grant painting the new doors.

Here is the final project below!

The other really good thing about having a new closet is I was able to go through again and get rid of even more junk that I never wear.  I also finally got rid of some clothes I love but were really worn out!  You can find all those items at the goodwill if you want

Monday, August 18, 2014

The Zoo and The Beach

Saturday we went to the Orange Park and turns out there is an Orange Zoo.  It was only $5 to park and only $2.00 a person to get into the zoo.  That is pretty cheap for a full day.  The only draw back was the heat or rather the humidity.  It felt like 100 degrees out there.  The park has a lot of trees and shade and pony rides.  It was a fun family day, and when we got home we all went swimming to cool off.  Its days like that when you are happy you have a community pool.  Emmett went under the water for the first time and he didn't seem to mind.  He did have a look of what the heck just happened and he drank some of the water but over all he was fine!  Yay for swimming!

 Grandma Kathy with her little favorite!
 Ride it little cowboy!

 Pony Rides! Dean was the only brave soul.
 Here is Dean convincing Hazel that a smashed flower petal was something dangerous, he kept touching it and saying ow ow.  She was very worried, I told her its nothing its a flower lol!
 Sorry Lacey this was the only group shot I had, jazz hands.
 On Sunday we went to Redondo Beach and and met up with Grant's Cousin Murry who was in town for the weekend.  We went to Ruby's for lunch and had a great conversation, then we walked the board walk.  It was really hot in the blistering sun and Emmett started crying so we cut it short and headed home.

Saturday, August 9, 2014


Yesterday Emmett and I went to Lacey's house just to hang out and get out of our house.  Its always fun to hang out with the kids and Lacey, there is never a dull moment.  So we decide to go to Chick-fil-A for lunch (a good chicken sandwich place).  I felt like I was lucky because Emmett was so tired and he suddenly fell asleep right before we got there.  So we go in, place the order, get our food and we start to eat.  We are sitting at a booth I am on one side with Hazel (2 years old) and Lacey is on the other side with Dean (6 years old).  We are having a fine time until dun dun dun... the Chick-fil-A mascot walks in!  The mascot is a person in a huge cow costume.
 Hazel suddenly stands up next to me and puts her hands over he face, but can still see through her fingers.  She whispers scary, then the cow takes one step closer and Hazel lets out the loudest blood curdling scream I have ever heard!  I look over and Lacey is trying not to laugh, the cow realized what was going on and walked the other way, but its a small restaurant lol.  The scream woke up Emmett who was then also screaming.  I was laughing so hard.  Later after the cow left we thought the coast was clear, but he had only gone outside.  The kids were playing in the play center when he returned and again, Hazel lost it.  It must have really terrified her cause when we got home she was sleeping and woke up screaming!  I just wish there was video of this whole scene.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Summer List Update

  1. Cook more meals following a recipe AKA trying new meals (I have been making home made ice cream and banana bread)
  2. Go to the beach (at least a few times)
  3. Go to Zoomars (animal petting zoo)
  4. Go to some local parks
  5. Check out some of the local farmers markets
  6. Clean out the garage and set up an organization system
  7. Remodel my closet
  8. Day trip to San Diego
  9. Swimming
  10. Work on my art 
I can add to the list too
    11.  I joined a moms group and we walk every Tuesday and Thursday morning around a really pretty lake.
    12.  My mom and her friends are starting a Bunco game that I am joining.
    13.  We did a paint and vino night and we are planning on doing another one in a few weeks.
    14.  I have been making all of Emmett's pureed food so far (peas and green beans) it will get more fun when we can get more creative.

Original list

This is what my closet would look like if I turned the whole bed room into a closet lol.
 Below are some more realistic ideas for my closet.  Right now its an old school closet with one bar across the whole thing and the bar looks like its falling off the wall and there are no closet doors.  Its a real mess in my opinion.
 I love the lay out of the lower closet, but I have way more stuff than this!  And I have to have doors to hide all the junk!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Around the House

Here are just some daily occurrences.

 Hanging with DADA

Bath Time
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