Wednesday, August 6, 2014


I don't feel busy, but when I look at all the pictures I take and see what I have been up to I see just how busy we really are!  I have got to keep this blog up and one really good reason is for myself to look back and see all the fun things we do and also its a really good time line.  I have been trying to put together a baby album for this year and I am already falling behind, but the good thing is I look back at my blog and can see when things have happened.  As far as this album goes I really need to print only a few pictures right after an event happens rather than months later!

The weekend before last we went to my parents house for dinner and my dad had his race car uncovered so we took a few pics of Emmett in the car.  He loved being in there (although he had no idea what we were doing lol).

 All day last Saturday we had central air conditioning installed!  Wow does it make a difference to have a cool house!  Conveniently our hot water heater went out the same day.  So lets just say I did not wash my hair cause it was ice water and the power was turned off so the air guys could install.
Luckily Grant (with the help of you tube) was able to fix the hot water heater.

 For a tall guy he can get into some tiny spaces lol.

Saturday we stopped by Lacey's for Dean's 6th birthday.  He didn't really have a party just some cupcakes and his 2 best friends Gavin and Gage.

 Sunday, my mom was over and guess who got their first tooth!  I was just feeling in Emmett's mouth like I always do and there it was!  He is soo proud of the tooth, lol he kept making this face like oh yeah that is my tooth, there it is everyone, look at me, I have teeth!

Grant went to the US Open with Brandon so we all went to the mall later in the day, where lots of fun was had.  Dean pretending to be a manikin and dancing (twerking) I thought I was going to pee my pants I was laughing so hard!


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