Sunday, August 31, 2014

Labor Day Weekend

 Well I guess summer is pretty much over.  Labor day weekend has always signified the last weekend of the summer before going back to school and even though I am not in school, for some reason it just feels like summer is over and Fall is on its way here.  In every store there are back to school sales where you can buy your fall clothes and sweat your you know what off (since we live in CA).  I am really hoping for a cool winter.  I have a lot of boots that need to be worn and it would be a really nice break from the heat.  Its funny that when you live in a cold climate you want heat and when you live in the heat you want cool.  Anyways so far this weekend we have really made the most of having fun.  Friday we had a Margarita party at my parents because we have some friends from NZ in town and Saturday Grant went surfing and us women folk went shopping.  I didn't get much, but everything I got will be wrapped for Christmas.  Last year was a nightmare when it came to Christmas shopping!  I didn't have things for everyone and had to go out the day before Christmas, long story short I ended up just grabbing things and getting stuck in a ton of traffic!

Anyways I have always loved fall and the going back to school shopping ( I use to do) and the pumpkins and Halloween and Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Now that we have a child it will all be so much more fun!

 Here is Ruby in her new Anna dress, looking Fantastic!
 Here is Mel making Emmett laugh.
 This is what it looks like as I write this post.  Yes margarita party of one lol. (Grant's drinking beer)


Angie said...

I agree, Labor Day Weekend really signifies Fall for me. Sept, Oct and Nov are definitely what I consider Fall.

Enjoy your solo margarita party!!!

beeswax said...

Cute post, love the look-backs and reading those comments. Dean and Ruby acted the same way, sort of a confused crush going on.
Keep up the blog posts, especially since it's so great to look back at what was happening.
Life is great! Love you guys.

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