Friday, August 8, 2014

Summer List Update

  1. Cook more meals following a recipe AKA trying new meals (I have been making home made ice cream and banana bread)
  2. Go to the beach (at least a few times)
  3. Go to Zoomars (animal petting zoo)
  4. Go to some local parks
  5. Check out some of the local farmers markets
  6. Clean out the garage and set up an organization system
  7. Remodel my closet
  8. Day trip to San Diego
  9. Swimming
  10. Work on my art 
I can add to the list too
    11.  I joined a moms group and we walk every Tuesday and Thursday morning around a really pretty lake.
    12.  My mom and her friends are starting a Bunco game that I am joining.
    13.  We did a paint and vino night and we are planning on doing another one in a few weeks.
    14.  I have been making all of Emmett's pureed food so far (peas and green beans) it will get more fun when we can get more creative.

Original list

This is what my closet would look like if I turned the whole bed room into a closet lol.
 Below are some more realistic ideas for my closet.  Right now its an old school closet with one bar across the whole thing and the bar looks like its falling off the wall and there are no closet doors.  Its a real mess in my opinion.
 I love the lay out of the lower closet, but I have way more stuff than this!  And I have to have doors to hide all the junk!


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