Monday, August 18, 2014

The Zoo and The Beach

Saturday we went to the Orange Park and turns out there is an Orange Zoo.  It was only $5 to park and only $2.00 a person to get into the zoo.  That is pretty cheap for a full day.  The only draw back was the heat or rather the humidity.  It felt like 100 degrees out there.  The park has a lot of trees and shade and pony rides.  It was a fun family day, and when we got home we all went swimming to cool off.  Its days like that when you are happy you have a community pool.  Emmett went under the water for the first time and he didn't seem to mind.  He did have a look of what the heck just happened and he drank some of the water but over all he was fine!  Yay for swimming!

 Grandma Kathy with her little favorite!
 Ride it little cowboy!

 Pony Rides! Dean was the only brave soul.
 Here is Dean convincing Hazel that a smashed flower petal was something dangerous, he kept touching it and saying ow ow.  She was very worried, I told her its nothing its a flower lol!
 Sorry Lacey this was the only group shot I had, jazz hands.
 On Sunday we went to Redondo Beach and and met up with Grant's Cousin Murry who was in town for the weekend.  We went to Ruby's for lunch and had a great conversation, then we walked the board walk.  It was really hot in the blistering sun and Emmett started crying so we cut it short and headed home.


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