Thursday, August 28, 2014


For the last week all I have been hearing is wave this and swell that and beach this and storm that.  Anyways I guess we just got the largest waves that have hit CA in something like 15 years, a once in a life time hit of huge waves.  Grant is and was very excited to do lots of surfing.  On Wednesday the largest of the wave days my mom and I went to the beach to see these huge waves and it was so crowded everywhere that we ended up just driving through and looking out the car window ha ha.  I guess that is close enough for me anyways hahaha.

Here are some nice pictures I tried to get of the waves, but obviously missed the large waves lol.


beeswax said...

It was fun trying to find the big waves from the car. So many people were out to watch the results of the hurricane in the Pacific. I love watching mother nature at work, so exciting.

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