Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Oceanside Vacation

This last weekend we had a small vacation to Oceanside.  We were invited to our good friend's baby shower.  She is due the beginning of December, and she is still so tiny you wouldn't even think she is pregnant.  We decided to make this a weekend away since its so pretty there and the weather is still really nice.  The last time we had a weekend in Oceanside it was right after we got married.

We drove over Saturday morning and had lunch at the Ruby's on the pier.  Grant had already been surfing that morning, so he met us there when he was done.  We were actually able to get a few photos of him in action since he was surfing in a location that was easy for us to get to.  After lunch and surfing we went back to the hotel and went swimming.  Sunday we woke up early and went for a walk along the harbor and around 1pm we went to the baby shower.  It was so nice to be by the beach relaxing, the only draw back was there was no breeze what so ever and it felt like it was 100 degrees outside with 100% humidity.  You would just drip with sweat!  Besides the heat it was really nice!

 Hanging at the hotel.
 Modeling LOL

We all went swimming.  Emmett loves the water.
 The hottest morning walk by the beach I have ever had .

My mom and Mary (best friends from high school)
 Brittany (the mama to be) holding Emmett.  When we fist got there I left Grant with Emmett at the party so I could get more stuff out of the car and I guess he realized I was gone and started screaming!

Such a fun weekend!  Can you see the sweat? hahahhha.


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