Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Ocean

 Last weekend was soo hot at the beach that it turned out to be a great opportunity to have Emmett put his feet in the water for the first time!  In his defense, the water was really cold, especially since he has never really felt cold water before.  So we walked down and as the water rolled in I stuck his feet in.  He let out a blood curdling scream the first 2 times I put his feet in, but by the 3rd time he didn't seem to mind.  He was probably thinking, I don't like this but obviously mom is going to keep doing this lol. 
 Here I am thinking we are taking a nice family photo hahhaha

We had the most beautiful sunset that night!  This is the real photo no changes have been made at all.
Thank you to my Dad for all of these excellent photos!


Anonymous said...

Nana here. What beautiful photos! Especially the beautiful sunset. It is with great joy I see you all on the beach together and seeing my grandson dip his feet into the ocean. He has the ocean imbedded in his genes so I am sure he will love it. Love you all. Jo

Angie said...

That sunset photo is absolutely amazing!

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